29 Mar Battlefield 1 Introduces Premium Friends

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 Players will be able to access certain Premium features with the new update.

Premium Friends, coming March 30 during Battlefest, to Battlefield 1 will allow players to access some Battlefield 1 Premium content without owning a Premium Pass. This is done by using parties. If one person in the party has Battlefield 1 Premium, other party members will be able to play on Battlefield 1 Premium exclusive maps. This will be shown in-game, with a party becoming “Premium Enabled.”


However, there are restrictions to this feature. Players who do not own the Premium Pass, or an expansion pack, will not be able to earn XP on the maps. It will be retroactively applied should they purchase the Premium Pass in the future.


Also, users without the Premium Pass or an expansion pack won’t be able to spawn in with weapons and vehicles that are unique to it. Progress for unique medals and codices will also not be tracked without owning the Premium Pass or the necessary expansion pack.


Battlefield 1 is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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