11 May New Nielson Report On Gamer Habits Released

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Nielsen release yearly report on gaming trends.  

Global marketing and research firm Nielsen have released their 8th annual ‘U.S. Games 360 Report’.

The yearly study tracks gaming trends, and looks into how Americans engage with gaming. The report covers many topics, from statistics on preferred way of purchasing games (digital or physical) to the key influencers behind gamers’ choices in purchasing games.  

This year’s study found that, while the number of gamers has remained steady, the time each person spends gaming has increased. Other headline finders included  the leveling off of mobile gaming time, and the increased engagement on 8th Generation consoles and the mid-cycle console upgrades. 7th Generation devices have transitioned from being exclusively for gaming to more holistic home entertainment such as streaming.

The report also showed that the Playstation 4 is the most recognized console among the general public, gamers and non-gamers.

The growth of Esports as well as virtual and augmented reality were identified as key trends to watch. 

A few other snapshots of the numbers include:

  • 64% of the American public over 13 years old are gamers
  • 46 % of those gamers only play on one kind of device
  • 42% of the American public over 13 years old are mobile gamers
  • 47% of gamers prefer to play on consoles (compared with 27% on PC and 26% on mobile)

You can read the full report here.


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