14 Jun God of War Being Rebooted, Gameplay Shows Older Kratos in Norse Setting

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What is the meaning of this Parent-Teacher Conference? What is the meaning of this Parent-Teacher Conference?

You're right, Sony. God of Four wouldn't be appropriate.

In another edition of, "Not Very Well Kept Secrets," Sony has officially announced a reboot of its massively popular God of War series. Reboot in the sense that the title will be God of War and that the enemies will be based on Norse mythology rather than Greek. Don't worry. Kratos is still angry. It's just more of a quiet, simmering rage that propels him.

The almost ten minute long gameplay demo shown at the top of Sony's E3 Press Conference is immediately striking in the sheer number of changes being shown. God of War no longer looks like the old God of War. Instead of seeing legions of enemies to be swept aside by Kratos's unstoppable rage we see a father attempting to mold his son into a strong man, one capable of dealing with the horrors of the world his patriarch knows all to well about.

Sony Santa Monica has confirmed that this is a continuation of the storyline and that is in fact Kratos sporting the beard. One of the developers even said that there will be a button dedicated to enlisting Kratos's son for assistance, so this new version of Kratos we're seeing isn't going to be used as a simple plot device in the beginning only to rip away everything from him to draw out the unstoppable juggernaut of the past. One of the main focuses of the narrative is Kratos finding some sort of redemption in raising a child, the very thing taken from him that set him down his infamous path to begin with. We as the player know what Kratos is truly capable of, yet now Kratos himself is aware that if he falls into his old ways then doom for his child is certain.

God of War has no release date and will be exclusive to the Playstation 4.

What do you think of this new approach to the franchise? Will Kratos have an anger relapse or is Sony Santa Monica paving the road for his son to take up the mantle? Sins of the father and whatnot. Let us know in the comments.

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