09 Feb Last Double Dose of New Hacking the System Episodes, Tonight

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Have you heard the good word of Dongacles? Have you heard the good word of Dongacles?

You watched the 2 episode test series, now watch the full season!

The last release of back-to-back new episodes of Hacking the System on TV is tonight. Brian Brushwood stars in a show with our own talented Jason Murphy called Hacking the System. Two new half-hour episodes will air on the National Geographic Channel February 9th starting at 10 PM Eastern. Two more new episodes are still due to air on the Nat Geo Channel, but they will be shown in two different two episode blocks featuring one new episode and one already aired episode from this season.

The show centers around Brian teaching you how to avoid being a sucker for those out there who are willing to break the law for a nice score. The trick is those evil bastards are always looking for easy scores because if they look long enough, they will find one. Don't let it be you. Brian and Jason give you tips on how you can better protect yourself and not stick out as an easy target. Other episodes focus on how you can use some of the tricks those two have learned to hack the system in your favor.

If you can, please watch the show live on the National Geographic Channel. If not, you can join in the live stream viewing party at diamondclub.tv, where Brian and Jason chat about the show as they watch the show, live! Also, if you are a fan and want to help them out, use your twitter account or sign up for one and use the #HackingTheSystem hashtag during the time the show is live.

The official show sites for the two February 9th episodes are below:

Scam Artist Hacks

Holiday Hacks

Some images to tide you over:

Hair Dryer, check. Rake, check. Beer turned to not show labels, check.


You're welcome, internet.
Not your best look, Brian.


So, how did we end up as groomsmen for R. L. Stine's renewal of vows?
Two sharp dressed criminals.


How the hell am I gonna shove this up my ass?
Yeah, don't go to England!

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