17 Dec Killzone: Shadow Fall Resolution Lawsuit Heads to Court

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Have you counted these pixels? It's unacceptable! Have you counted these pixels? It's unacceptable!

Because a few missing pixels is always worth a few thousand in lawyer fees.

Class action lawsuits weren't something the video game industry had to worry about in its early days. Gaming was enough of a niche that if someone was unhappy with their purchase, they would take it up with whatever retailer sold it to them. As gaming aged and marketing campaigns began to permeate all factors of life, it symbolized games were ready for a higher class of pissed off customers. Customers with lawyers.

A class action lawsuit filed against Sony in regards to a claim made about the native resolution of Killzone: Shadow Fall has been approved to move forward. It was discovered after the game's release that during multiplayer the resolution dropped below the advertised 'Native 1080p,' and that was enough to justify the case moving forward. The case against Sony holds ground because in the pre-release advertising all forms of the game were claimed to be 1080p, despite the actual product only stating '1080p Output.'

How do you feel about this lawsuit? Is the plaintiff justified in bringing this to court? Enlighten us in the comments.

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