16 Jan Holiday News Blast Catch Up

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Collecting the News of the Week. Collecting the News of the Week.

Running down the news posted over the holidays that just went live today.

Hey you Select Few. I am the editor of the news on the site as Jeff has his hands full with the rest of Rage Select. I have been away from internet access for a while, but our two hard working writers kept at it. Charles Armstrong and Daniel L. Hood are the writers here providing you with these news posts. Here are the stories they did that just went live today:

January 5th:

PS Now Will Release in North America On January 13
Potential Settings for Far Cry Sequels Revealed via Ubisoft Survey

January 6th:

BioWare's Shadow Realms Reportedly Being Reworked

January 9th:

New Dying Light Trailer Depicts Competitive Multiplayer Mode
Kingdom Hearts 3 Launching This Year, Claims Voice Actor

This is volunteer work, and I am sure they would appreciate your star ratings and comments on their articles.

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