03 Feb Playstation 4 Update Includes External HDD Support

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New beta patch will also include support for 3D Blu-Rays for PSVR and game sharing features.

Sony has announced that the closed beta for update 4.50 will begin today. This update comes with the support of external hard drives. This feature adjusts for one of the biggest advantages that the Xbox One (and Xbox 360) has had over the Playstation 4.

External hard drives using USB 3.0 will be supported for up to eight terabytes. This will allow for plenty of space for users to download digital games directly to their external hard drive without worrying about the amount of space left on the internal hard drive. This was one issue that repeatedly arose from gamers who specifically purchased digital games over physical copies.

Another addition to this update is the support for 3D Blu-ray movies that will allow users to play their 3D Blu-ray movies in their Playstation 4 and watch them using Playstation VR. This is a great benefit for those who still have access to their 3D Blu-ray movies from update 1.75 and wish to test out this feature, even if you may not have access to a television that displays in 3D.

Other features in the update allow for the ability to post your gaming updates to the PSN activity feed, similar to how users post footage to Facebook or Twitter. Users will also have the ability to create custom wallpapers from screenshots taken in-game and have it displayed on the home screen. The quick menu will also be modified to allow for easier access to in-game party options.

There is currently no release date given for the full rollout of this update, but expect to hear more about the update as select users enter the beta phase starting today.

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