29 Feb PlayStation TV Microconsole Discontinued in U.S. and Europe

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I didn't know PS4s came with an extra hard drive. I didn't know PS4s came with an extra hard drive.

Support for the microconsole will continue despite discontinuing sales.

The PlayStation TV, the microconsole that could play PS Vita games on a TV, will no longer be sold in the U.S. or Europe. According to a Sony spokesperson, all shipments to those two territories ended at the later half of 2015 while shipments for Asia will continue into 2016. Despite this announcement, Sony has confirmed it will continue support for the microconsole.

"PS Store for PlayStation TV will continue to be accessible, and PlayStation TV-related information will continue to be updated," a spokesperson told Gamespot. "In terms of applications/service for PlayStation TV, we will make further communications to users as necessary."

The PlayStation TV launched in Japan in 2013 with a North American and European launch a year later. It launched at a $99 price point before being significantly reduced to a $50-60 range. 

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