13 Jun Recore's First Gameplay Trailer and Release Date

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Who's a good robot dog?! YOU ARE! Who's a good robot dog?! YOU ARE!

Recore is set to release on September 13th for the PC and Xbox One.

Recore was a new IP announced last year at Microsoft’s Press Conference and is being co-developed by Keiji Inafune’s studio Comcept and Armature Studios. This year, Recore debuted its first gameplay trailer, and it showed that it’s an action-adventure title with both shooting and 3D platform puzzles. 

You play as Joule, a lone wanderer that is exploring a hostile landscape and has a companion that is an energy ball that can turn into 5 main forms. There is Mack, an explorer dog that has an EMP burst and by his title, can assist in exploration. The second form, Seth, is an escape artist spider bot that can assist overcoming platforming challenges. Another form, Duncan, is a heavy hitting robot that has fire abilities and other types of attacks. The other two forms were not detailed in the trailer but show up at the end.

It was announced that Recore is slated to release on September 13th, 2016 for the PC and Xbox One.

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