14 Jun Sony's New IP, Days Gone, Announced at E3 2016

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I knew I couldn't depend on Joel to kill them all. I knew I couldn't depend on Joel to kill them all.

Days Gone is a third-person shooter set in the post apocalypse and developed by SIE Bend Studio

At the Sony E3 2016 Press Conference a new IP was unveiled as Days Gone, a new third-person shooter title developed by former Syphon Filter developer SIE Bend Studio. First revealed in a cinematic announcement trailer, Days Gone shows the protagonist, Deacon St. John, as a drifter and bounty hunter surviving in a post-apocalyptic world. 

The first cinematic trailer established the background of Days Gone. It is 2 years after a global pandemic killed most of humanity and transformed millions of others into “Freakers," mindless creatures that attack everything in sight and are constantly evolving. 

Later there was a full gameplay demo of Days Gone. Deacon is scavenging through an abandoned mill and looking for a man named Two-Dog. Eventually the later is eaten and Deacon attempts to fight against many Freakers. There were two types of Freakers: Newts, small toddler sized creatures and Hordes, full sized zombie-like beings. 

Days Gone is exclusive to the PlayStation 4, and the release date has yet to be determined. If you have any comments, leave them below.

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