15 Mar Starbreeze Publishing System Shock 3 To PC and Other Platforms

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Starbreeze has signed System Shock 3 in a new publishing agreement.

System Shock 3 will receive an investment of $12 million from Starbreeze, with the game being published to “PC and other platforms”. Starbreeze came to an agreement with Otherside Entertainment where the publisher will get substantial profit shares, but the developer will retain full IP rights over the game. 

Warren Spector also returns as the game director for System Shock 3. In the past, he has worked on System ShockDeus ExThief: The Dark Project, and Epic Mickey

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My Thoughts: The press release from Starbreeze doesn’t say specifically whether “other platforms” means the game will be coming to consoles, however, I find it hard to imagine what else they could mean by that statement. I assume we will see the game released on consoles, whether at the same time as the PC version, or after.

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