09 Dec Possible System Shock 3 Teases Released

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Prepare to join your species in extinction. Prepare to join your species in extinction.

Glory to the Many!

While there wasn't a concrete announcement, a couple of teases suggest a new System Shock game is on the way. First, a countdown website managed by developer Otherside Entertainment appeared, and at time of writing it is set to stop on December 13. Outside of the timer, the page itself shows "S S" and a notable quote from the franchise's main antagonist, the renegade AI, SHODAN. The other clue is found within the source code of the website where the title System Shock 3 is found.

Otherside Entertainment is currently working on the crowd-funded Underworld Ascendant, a successor to Ultima Underworld. The project, if true, is not related to IP holder Night Dive Studios' effort to remake the original System Shock. Night Dive itself said making a new game in the series would be beyond the abilities of the studio, but whether it'll sanction Otherside's effort remains to be seen.

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