20 Mar The Surge Reveals New Trailer and Release Date

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Souls-like The Surge will release on May 16.

German developer Deck13 released a trailer and announced the release date for their upcoming action RPG The Surge. 

The Surge is set in a world where machines are slowly taking over, and a mysterious event causes them and augmented workers to turn hostile.

The new CGI trailer sees the protagonist, Warren, clad in a strength and speed enhancing exosuit, journeying through megacorporation CREO’s complex.  A holographic CEO waxes lyrical about the importance of CREO before Warren is attacked by a malfunctioning robot and psychopathic co-worker in quick succession.   

The game has drawn inspiration from the Dark Souls series and promises visceral melee combat and a next-gen looting system, whereby players can use the amputated limbs of mechanical foes to enhance their weapon and armor.

The Surge will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on May 16.

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