14 Jun The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Finally Has a Gameplay Trailer

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The only way to do a Cliffhanger reboot. The only way to do a Cliffhanger reboot.

Also a name! Names are kind of important.

The newest Zelda game (with a freshly minted subtitle) has finally been shown! Before what we saw could technically be called gameplay, but most of it was Link moving through a mostly barren world. Nintendo decided to put a stop to that and hosted an hour long livestream today dedicated to nothing but showing off Breath of the Wild, and we've got a list of confirmed features as a result of this.

  • Climbing: Almost every surface will be climbable in Breath of the Wind. Meaning castles, mountains, and trees are all waiting to be scaled.
  • Jumping: Link can jump. For reals. A button dedicated to jumping not "Jump Slash" or "Dodge Jump." Straight up jumping.
  • Armor: Unlike previous Zelda games, armor will function like it does in most RPGs. Meaning different armor pieces have different stats and can break if they take enough of a beating. Don't go in expecting to only wear a green tunic.
  • Weapons: Like armor, weapons will also have different attack and durability stats. Enemy weapons are also yours for the taking, so if your weapon breaks during a fight you can just pick up a fallen foes' weapon.
  • Health: Food will be used to regain hearts in Breath of the Wind. No more cutting down grass for hearts. Now Link can eat food found in the wild or cook food together to make stronger healing items.
  • Stamina: Almost every action taken by Link will effect his stamina meter. Attacks will have to be precise and though out. No more rapidly spamming attack until you get a lucky hit. It's the Legend of Dark Souls up in here.
  • Environmental Effects: Link can utilize the environment around him to his advantage. Such as: setting the grass ablaze, pushing large boulders onto unsuspecting enemies below, or cutting down trees to make a path across a gorge.

Breath of the Wind will be introducing technology into the Zelda world as a central focus for the first time as well. Many of Link's weapons and items he uses throughout the game will have a vague basis in tech that has been built rather than ancient magic. For example; the Sheikah Slate, an item acquired early on, is similar to a tablet and will be used by Link instead of a map.

Possibly the biggest surprise is the voice. Those were actual words being spoken. In a Zelda game! Was that actually Zelda talking? Most likely, but even if it wasn't having voice acting aside from various grunting noises or shrieks is a major milestone for the franchise. Ignoring the CD-i games. *Shudder*

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be released March 2017 exclusively on the Wii U and the NX.

What did you think of the gameplay shown? What stands out the most to you, good or bad? Is this game enough to convince you to get a Wii U? Or are you going to want to see the NX version? Enlighten us in the comments.

*Please note that any and all footage currently available for Breath of the Wild is running on Wii U hardware. Nintendo has not shown anything from the NX version of the game.*

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