03 Dec Valve Releases New Broadcasting Feature on Steam

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Omg, play your role noob! Omg, play your role noob!

New feature doesn't require further apps to run or a fee to operate.


While Twitch has a large hold on the streaming market, there is another major company that's dipping its toes into the streaming waters. In a recent update, Valve introduced the Steam Broadcasting service on the Steam app. Users can access the feature via beta participation and click a button to watch a friend's game.

According to Valve, there are no strings attached to use the app. You don't have to pay to watch a game, even if it's one you don't own, and you don't have to access other apps to use it. However, the company warned users that bandwidth will be limited and there is an extensive list of forbidden activities for Steam Broadcasting that includes leaks, offensive language, aggressive behavior, and copyright infringement. Unlike Twitch, Steam Broadcasting doesn't archive the streams and it doesn't record it to another service like YouTube.

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