31 Dec The Best of Rage Select (2015) - Day Four

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As 2015 comes to an end we're looking back on some of our favorite videos of the year!

It's time for Day Four of The Best of Rage Select 2015 and today we're looking back at the storied career of the world infamous Jason Murphy! So sit back and enjoy all of the madness as we take a look at the best Jason vids from this year!


Jason and Jeff are doling out the justice with a hearty, heartfelt DING DONG in Batman: Arkham Knight!


Jason and Jeff give birth to yet another 'unique' Rage Select monster as Clitus takes on the madness of Bloodborne!


No best of list would be complete with a bit of Loretta as J&J spit in Satan's eye in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell!


The Force is strong with C-JasePO and Jeff2-D2 as they wipe out as many Bothans as possible in Star Wars: Battlefront!


Finally, Jason and Jeff take on the most horrifying terror of all time... HORROR MOVIE TEENS in Until Dawn!


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