25 May The Week in Rage - May 25th 2014

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Recap of what you might have missed in the last week.

Let's look at what the Rage Select crew posted this past week!


Sunday Streaming is where the gang gets together to live stream a game for a few hours on Sunday.  This time, it was Borderlands 2 and Kayla fell in love with Claptrap.

Sunday Streaming:  Borderlands 2



Jeff and Grant hop in the DeLorean with Bill & Ted and George Carlin to go back to save the Clock Tower Wyld Stallyns style, my brain hurts. It is Super Time Force.

Super Time Force Part 1

Super Time Force Part 2


This murder boner generator has memories and a legacy to uphold, Jeff and Jason kill lots of Nazis in Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Wolfenstein: The New Order Part 1

Wolfenstein: The New Order Part 2


The Super Awesome Video Game Show features Jeff and John Sitton taking a game seriously.  This week they also kill Nazis in Operation Darkness.

SAVGS - Operation Darkness


This week's Grant vs Game, where Grant plays a horror game by himself, he is trying a new one this week, Outlast: Whistleblower.

Grant vs Game: Outlast - Whistleblower Part 3


 Jason teaches Grant about the classic games Grant has not truly experienced in The Academy. This time it is frustration and seizure generator, Robotron 2084.

The Academy: Robotron 2084


Indie Friday is here, Jeff and Jason fight no monsters but the old landlord in Always Sometimes Monsters.

Indie Friday: Always Sometimes Monsters


Sequential Saturday has found a new game to conquer, but not the one it has been teasing for some time, still needs more prep.  To bridge the gap, here is Force Unleashed 2.

Sequential Saturday - Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 Part 6



Last week's podcast, Jeff gets Nick to join in this episode as they talk about Real American Food, some gaming news, and answer your questions.

Rage Select Podcast 50



 The reviews are in as Jason and Jeff dish out judgment and opinion on recent games.  Here they discuss Child of Light.

Rage Select Reviews: Child of Light



The reviews are in as Jason and Jeff dish out judgment and opinion on recent games.  Here they discuss Bound by Flame.

Rage Select Reviews: Bound by Flame




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