29 Jun Rage Select E3 2015 Podcast Wrapup with Jeff and John

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The Rage Select coverage of E3 2015 here!

After about a billion hours of watching conferences, taking notes, recording, editing, rendering, and posting, the Rage Select E3 2015 Wrapup Podcasts are finally here for your binge listening pleasure! So sit back and join John and Jeff as they go over all of the E3 surprises, announcements, and mic drop moments in exhaustive, painstaking detail!


It's Part One of our E3 2015 Podcast Wrapups and John and Jeff are starting at the beginning by recapping the Nintendo World Championships and Bethesda's first press conference!


In Part Two of our E3 2015 Podcast Wrapups and John and Jeff discuss all of the latest announcements from the Microsoft and EA press briefings!


Part Three of our E3 2015 Podcast Wrapups is live and John and Jeff are going over all the announcements from Ubisoft and Sony's press conferences! 


It's Part Four of our E3 2015 Podcast Wrapups and John and Jeff are talking about all of the buzz from the latest Nintendo Direct as well as the Square Enix press briefing!


We're wrapping up our E3 2015 Podcasts with Part Five where John and Jeff go over the PC presser and discuss miscellaneous trailers from the show!

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